the wondering mind.
Life happens from every angle. Pay attention

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Home is where you can exhale. ..
Beaches are calling… Pick up..
#truth #beyourbest
You are not a drop in the ocean.. You are the entire ocean in a drop.
Keep your head up. And know, your not weak.
It’s time to start understanding…
People are so caught up with being rich or better than the next that most have forgotten to just live.. Really live. Love deep and smile wide. This life, this shot. Is all we got. Make it worth it.
Wasteland Diaries.
Out from hiding they come, 
from dark to the light they squint with feet marching. 
Barren remains are all that’s left of a world they once knew and loved. 
All is gone. All is destroyed. 
The great battle is over, skeletons of a land that once was is all there is as far as the eye can see.
Infernos rage throughout the rubble, as if hell its self has come to claim this new land. 
There are no gods here. Only the forgotten, and the strong. 
A voice from the back of the crowd of survivors yells out ” let’s start building a new life!”  
All heads turn, tear filled eyes stare at the one who had something to say. .. 
His name is hope. His name is faith. His name is yours. 
That voice we all have deep inside, the one that always tells it like it is, no filter. Blunt honesty. 
Life’s can be built, lives can be brought back to life. Perseverance , is this mind set. 
Determination, forged these hands. 
They start to work.. with smiles and dreams sparkling in their eyes. 
Sometimes that’s life, stealing dreams before they end.
Sometimes the road, has an unexpected bend.
Sometimes that’s love,.. ending before it begins..
And sometimes your heart,.. just wants to do it all over again.